Who we are


A disruptive force in suiting up, Imperator Menswear brings a new ethos to the table for suits. Knowing what’s possible, we set out to create a simple and efficient experience that reflects quality and good character without the high cost. Fully equipped to provide you with a brand-new suit within a reasonable turnaround time, we look forward to speaking to you during an appointment. Book yours today.


more than ten years of experience

Who We are

Imperator Menswear offers a direct, no-nonsense approach to our advice and our services. We believe that good service shouldn’t cost you a premium, and should just happen.

We give you all the tools you need to take command of your destiny in work, play, romance or just for fun.

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Affordable Wedding Suits


Imperator Menswear promises to deliver nothing but the best, providing solutions and advice to all customers. Our staff has more than ten years of experience in suiting up grooms and their groomsmen for weddings. We work out great packages so that your wedding party looks dashing on the big day.

Package deals that represent an incredible savings and the easiest way to fill your wardrobe with all the garments that you need to look your best for any occasion. From a basic budget package to one which includes even the belt and cufflinks, we have something for everyone.

Honest customer service. We provide honest opinions about your suit choice to help find a selection that you are happy and comfortable in, and we won’t rest until we find a solution for you.

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A tailored approach

Our Simple Philosophy

Years down the line, you want to look back at those memories and feel proud of your attire.

Wedding suits should help you to stand out and look fantastic. A well-tailored suit has a unique, empowering feel as it sits snugly against your body. It makes a statement about who you are and what you value in your appearance—even more so at a significant occasion. Don’t worry if you are not in the shape that you would like to be in: the right tailor can enhance all your best features through the fit of the suit.

You don’t want to fork out a bucket-load of cash for a suit, but you do want it to give you a refined, sophisticated look. A tailored approach allows you to retain some choices in how your suit looks and fits. Working with the right team and tailor will help you to decide on the best material and cut. Our ready to wear wedding suits are of quality material, construction and fit ensuring you get multiple wears of the same suit. We offer the entire package. Should you choose a suit but not love the fit, we provide alteration services to adjust the suit to fit perfectly. Our suit styler and fitter on hand to offer advice on colour matching and any style problems that may occur.

We’ve established ourselves as a sophisticated supplier of wedding suits. We are proud to provide high-quality garments with an affordable price tag. Imperator Menswear offers a powerful alternative for those that want the look and feel of a high-end suit within a moderate budget.

Apart from wedding suits, we also offer suits for other occasions such as parties, black-tie events, and even classic business suits so that you can turn heads in the corporate world.

The Imperator


We at Imperator Menswear promise to be up-front to our customers. We shall provide them with the best advice and the best solutions and believe there is no such thing as a stupid question. We promise to focus on the customer with every process we develop, refine, and implement. Every price shall be fair, and to the best value we can provide. We promise that the work we do shall be executed with care and passion so that every customer leaves with a positive attitude.

We promise to give you nothing but our very best, in every way we can achieve it.

An essential part of the suit experience


A shortening here and a tapering there can be the difference between a suit looking “okay” and “freakin’ amazing.” Alterations can be used to enhance the items that already have a loving home or brand new items than just need a bit of the old “here-and-there.”

Need something done before your gala event this Friday? Didn’t realise the shirt you have needs to come in a bit? Imperator Menswear can turn around alterations in as little as 48 hours so you can be back in business before you know it.

* – 48 hours can only be guaranteed between Monday – Friday. Larger jobs may require more time.

The Fitting Room

On Edward

We have partnered with the best tailors in Brisbane to help give you the most competitive prices without sacrificing on speed or craftsmanship. Our friends at the Fitting Room have performed over 900 orders for us, and we’re always impressed with the results! You can rest easy knowing that your products are in great hands, and not some unknown worker with no accountability.

Photo courtesy of Clare Sheng at the Fitting Room on Edward