Because who doesn't like looking smooth


Wedding Reclining

A specialty of ours


The staff at Imperator have a combined experience of nearly 10 years working with weddings. We have refined the wedding process down to an art, so that you and your groomsmen can be done and dusted with minimum hassle. Our competitive package deals (below) and commitment to service will have you and your groomsmen looking good, sooner rather than later. Visit us today and see what we can do for you!

Learn to lead the pack

School Formals

School formals are a special event for parents and young men alike, and with packages starting from $399, your son can get a head-start in the working world as well as looking great on the most special night of his life. Come see us today and help your boy become a man!

School Formal 2
Relaxed Suit

Relaxed doesn't need to mean sloppy


Got a hot date or an important business lunch? Why not check out our range of smart casual attire for the more laid-back occasion where appearance still matters. Check out our range today!

Authority equals attire


Let’s be honest, gents; a good night out feels better when you’re dressed to break hearts. All of our packages have the option for a tuxedo so you can save some cash for when the bar tab runs out. What are you waiting for? Come visit us, you magnificent bastard!

Black Work Suit

Transparency, Integrity Congeniality and Humility

Package Deals

Baron's Pack


Get a suit, shirt, tie and pocket square for only $399. You also have the option for a dinner suit, dinner shirt, bowtie and pocket square for black-tie events. Why would you hire when our prices are so competitive!

Duke's Pack


For those wanting to invest in a good set of armour to take on any opponent, the Duke’s Pack gets you a suit, shirt, tie, pocket square, and shoes for a unbelievable price of $549! You’ll be saying “vidi, vici, veni” before you know it!

Emperor's Pack


Get a suit, shirt, tie, belt or braces, shoes, cufflinks and pocket square for the legendary price of $699! We will even hem the trousers on the house! What else can we say? This pack is the best for those who need to freshen their wardrobe!

Packages only available in-store. Imperator Menswear reserves the right to discontinue or modify packages without prior notice. “Suit” is designated as one jacket and one trouser. Conditions and restrictions apply, please contact us for further information.