An essential part of the suit experience

A shortening here and a tapering there can be the difference between a suit looking "okay" and like it fits amazingly. Alterations can breathe some life into your favourite suit that doesn't quite fit any more either and are a quicker and cheaper alternative than buying a brand new suit.


48 Hours*


Need something done before your gala event this Friday? Imperator Menswear can turn around alterations in as little as 48 hours so you can be back in business before you know it.

* - 48 hours can only be guaranteed between Monday - Friday. Larger jobs may require more time.


The Fitting Room

On Edward

We have partnered with the best tailors in Brisbane to help give you the most competitive prices without sacrificing on speed or craftsmanship. Our friends at the Fitting Room have performed over 900 orders for us, and we're always impressed with the results! You can rest easy knowing that your products are in great hands, and not some unknown worker with no accountability.

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