Spring Racing Carnival: A Quick Style Guide




The Spring Racing Carnival is fast approaching. Ladies are in a flurry to organise their outfits for the big day and tryMelbourne Cup - Sports Jacket - Imperatoring to find the exact right fascinator that tilts in the exact right way.

But amid the flurry of dresses, jumpsuits and playsuits for your lady-friend you might have forgotten your own outfit. What do you want to wear to Fashions on the Field?

Men have become a lot more adventurous in the last decade and are now making just as much of a splash with bright colours and loud patterns as they can possibly find. But what look do you go for? What will compliment your style?

In the interest of not leaving you clueless and confused, we will look at a few of the most reliable looks for the Melbourne Cup that will get some heads turning. After all, if your girlfriend or wife is going to look a million dollars, you should dress accordingly.

Suit, shirt and tie

Old faithful. A suit, shirt and tie will get youSpring Racing Carnival Suits into any venue at any time of the year, regardless of what condition you’re in.

Don’t do black suits though; the races are a daytime event and not a formal or a funeral. Colourful accessories will tell people you have a personality without you having to say it. Aim for a silver or blue suit and a plain, bold-coloured shirt. Tie and other small items like cufflinks and socks are always up to you, but get a second opinion if necessary.

Sports jacket and chinos

A sports jacket and a good pair of chinos is what you should be aimiMelbourne Cup - Sports Jacketng for when it comes to the races. That’s what they’re designed for, after all. Chinos are lightweight and breathe better than jeans and come in a variety of colours to suit your style.
Do not match your chinos to your jacket unless you know exactly what you’re doing. Contrast is key. A good pair of beige or navy chinos will go with almost any jacket, so if you haven’t got a pair consider adding them to your armoury.

Braces, bowtie and trousers/chinos

For those of you (rightly) concerned about the temperature for the day, you can save a layer or two by opting to go for braces/suspenders and a bowtie. No jacket means more ventilation, after all.

Dress the waist-down simple. The upper half of the body is where the party is. Bowties should be as loud as you’re comfortable with, and the braces should compliment accordingly. Keep the shirt simple to maximise your accessory options on the day.
Keep in mind, if you’re going to a zone that is a bit more exclusive, this getup might not let you access all areas. If in doubt, find yourself a nice sports jacket to throw on before security gets you!

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